I.T. Services

I.T. Services Organizations all around the world are under attack. Espionage and Hacktivism are on the rise. Defending against today’s cyber threat landscape requires a proactive, real-time approach to managing risk. US Veterans Security employs the best of the best professionals with the greatest and latest training. We catch the IT experts as they are exiting the military and put them to work to manage your risk. USVS understands that in order for organizations to effectively manage risk, they must have the ability to forecast and model events based upon aggregation and correlation of prevailing data through key risk management indicators that align with business objectives.

Using these tools, USVS helps clients reduce capital demand, develop more rapid and accurate pricing processes, enhance reporting capabilities and transparency, and increase operational efficiency. Our staff of Veterans has supported many of the world’s largest organizations along their risk management transformation journeys.

Our core risk management activities include:


Initially, core business assets in the form of intellectual property, databases and other sensitive company data are identified, prioritized and value defined from a business value perspective.


Depending on whether your business is a government agency or a private sector business, there are common risk management frameworks used that provide consistent results that are sustainable.


What is the likelihood that your core business assets might suffer a breach or loss in some way that adversely affects your business? We identify the risks and their likelihood giving you a more accurate picture of protecting those code business assets.



Now that we have identified the risks to your code business assets, we work together to formulate a strategy for eliminating risks to your business.


It’s not the end of the road following the completion of a proper risk assessment. There are controls that need monitoring, testing and tuning to ensure that your risk mitigation strategy is working.


Even with the best preparations come the occasion where situations beyond control occur. The illusion is that they are beyond our control. Incident response preparations are an essential component of your risk management strategy.